Know Your Results

Knowing your results, being your own health advocate, is more important today than ever

Understanding Your Body's Neutralizing Antibody Levels is Critically Important

Knowing your results, being your own health advocate, is more important today than ever. With all the misinformation and misdirection out there, it’s hard to know what to believe.

Thanks to the cPass® Neutralizing Antibody test, there is a way to understand how well your body can fight off COVID-19.

Knowing your body's level of COVID fighting protection is the key to peace of mind so you can sleep at night without worry. This page will provide you with the important facts about neutralizing antibodies, and how you can check your levels so you can plan and prepare as required, based on your own needs.

FDA emergency use authorization

Fact List

The FDA granted cPass® neutralizing Antibody Test emergency use authorization in November, 2020

Genscript Biotech Corporation, a leading Life Sciences company, developed the cPass Neutralizing Antibody Test

Epitome Risk developed the at-home testing methodology, and is the only company authorized and licensed to provide the cPass® test via an at-home, easy to administer kit.

Checking Your Levels

Administer the simple 'finger prick' test, and send back to our lab

Understanding your results:

  1. A "Positive" Result indicates that you have the neutralizing antibodies necessary to fight off SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19). The range is between 100% and 30%, with 100% being optimal, and 30% being on the low but acceptable range.
  2. A "Negative" Result indicates that your body has less than optimal number of neutralizing antibodies to fight off COVID-19, and you are potentially at a greater risk of infection. The range for a "Negative" Result is from 29.99% to 0%
  3. Your precise number is listed on the bottom of the lab report next to "Agility Instrument Reading"
  4. We encourage you to share your results with your Doctor.